Whatever you have to manage 5, 100 or more employees, our company will become for you a partner rather than a processing company.
Our recognized professionalism and our successful technological means are accessible from now on.
  Created for more than 20 years to assist at first the foreign airline companies operating in France - One line or Off line - for the management of the pay, the follow-up of the work regulation and the calculation of the taxes owed in France, our company has considerably developed its activities.
If today more than 20 airline companies rely on us, for the administrative management of their staff and their pay it is because we have a perfect mastery of the collective agreement of airlines industry - ground staff-, a detailed knowledge of the current legislation and because our staff is able to adapt himself to the specific needs of each of them.
And if our company chose to remain small in employees' term, it is to respect our commitments of constant availability with our customers, despite the expansion of our activity in various sectors governed by different collective agreements.
Reliability, flexibility, ability to react are some of the qualities which define us best.

The administrative management of the staff, the pay and the human resources is a complex activity due to the legislation in permanent evolution and the multiplicity of documents to supply to the different social and fiscal institutions.
The majority of the social declarations and numerous taxes are very often calculated according to the number of employees and the gross salary of every company. After the detailed analysis of your payroll needs, we shall propose you the best solution.

Even if you chose the totality or a part of the proposal, we guarantee you:
• the exactness and the punctuality of your pay such as defined with you.
• The availability, the competence and the advices, by an unique specialized administrator at your disposal
• The conviviality: The co-worker in charge of your file is keen to listen your needs and able to follow all your specific demands.
• The confidentiality and the efficiency because of the development of the communications, all the data can be mailed to any electronic address.
• The fixed monthly cost corresponds to the services which you will have chosen.

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